Extraordinary Re breaks the ice on illiquid insurance contracts

!Re creates a new $22 trillion uncorrelated trading opportunity...
"!Re repairs a critical break in the value chain for the insurance industry"

Marc Mayer
Former CEO-GMO

Extraordinary Re’s financial technology creates the first liquid market place for insurance contracts.

We solve three important problems. First, financial exchanges can’t list insurance contracts. Second, sales of insurance products have been flat, but there are new demands for insurance products across the globe. Investors are looking for returns that are not correlated with broad stock market returns. So how do you solve these problems? Read More

Investment Opportunity

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We are creating a new niche with total available market of 3 Billion dollars per year in which the typical company is valued at 10 times revenue.

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Contracts that place extraordinary risks into the financial markets have the qualities of fine art: information asymmetry and few experts.  Fine arts are sold at auctions:   so should shares of insurance risks. We create an extraordinary auction.

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Will Dove
Chairman & CEO

Will Dove Photo

Lee Van Slyke
Founder & Chief Knowledge

Lee Van Slyke Photo

Philip E. Heckman
Chief Risk Officer 

Joseph Rosen
Chief Marketing Officer & Head of Capital Markets


Mark Reece
Founder—MRA Ltd
Former Global Head of eSolutions Architecture—HSBC
Former Trading System Architect—London Stock Exchange
Former Partner—Capco

Michael Rosen
Former President—W&D Securities
A Founding Member—ITG/POSIT

Marc Mayer
Former Director and Executive—Sanford Bernstein
Former CEO—GMO

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